A Cable Option Without Cable TV

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I started, as many of you, with Cable TV since it had a good package and fast internet. I was paying about $70 just for cable TV when i started and $50 for internet. Two to three years later the cable TV had gone up to $125 a 64% increase. I could not stomach the price any more so i decided to look around to see if i can find something, a device that will allow me to get some stations for news, sports, TV shows and movies and i finally found it.

The device is none other than a Raspberry Pi 2 with OSMC a free and open media center operating system that is absolutely incredible. The Raspberry Pi 2 is a small computer the fits in the palm of your hand but is powerful enough to run the OCMC operating system. This media player operating system, OSMC, derives from a Debian Linux and is taylored for the Raspberry Pi 2.

The Raspberry Pi 2 has, an HDMI out so it can be connected to any flat screen TV, 4 USB fast ports where you can connect a WiFi, bluetooth and or drive and a network input. It also has a micro SD card where the operating system can be installed.

The OSMC OS also contains KODI a software package that makes the media player what it is. There many add-ons, just like the apps on your cell phone, that makes this media center very powerful. There are Add-ons for international news channels like BBC, Al Jazeera, Sky News, Bloomberg TV, CNBC, ESPN and so many more. There are Video add-ons for movies and TV shows like iStream, Pulsar etc. There are music add-ons like Pandora and many others. There are internet add-ons like YouTube, Vimeo, GoPro etc. The list is huge !!!!!!

You can also watch local TV channels for those of you that have an antenna, with an additional USB TV tuner.

You can builraspberrypi2-3d this Home Media Center for less than $100 and all you need is a good internet access. Google these keywords, Raspberry Pi 2, OSMC and KODI and you should be able to build one. If you need help let me know.


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  1. Craig Polak says:

    Do you offer consultations to homeowners who want to stop cable television bundled packages (phone, internet, and tv) and instead install hd antenna, one or more streaming services, and separate internet and phone. We have 3 televisions, one on first floor and two on second floor. Currently have Comcast, but want to cancel them. Please advise.

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