Benefits of a Home Network Setup

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With most residential homes requiring multiple devices to be run off of Wi-Fi this has put a strain on standard home network setups. As a result it is extremely beneficial to have a professional home network setup. There are many benefits to having a home network setup shown below. 

  1. Increased security: In today’s world hackers are inevitable. If you do not have a secure network setup you are leaving your devices vulnerable. Hackers are extremely savvy to the various ways to enter your devices and steal personal information. With a professionally set-up home network you can rest assured that your network is secure.
  2. Faster speeds: With all the excess strain on your Wi-Fi network it is bound to slow down your load times. With this mesh network set-up you will have the lightning fast speed that you and your family require.
  3. Less down time: We understand that your family does not have the time to have the “internet go out.” With many professionals now working from home and students attending distance learning, it is more important than ever that you have a strong internet connection. 

If you have a larger home it can often be a struggle to receive a strong Wi-Fi signal in every room in your house. Our mesh network systems were designed to cover homes with 4,000-6,000 sq ft and up to 3 floors. This home network setup will allow for the use of: wireless printers, game consoles, smart phones, desktop computers, lap top computers, tablets, etc. Our technicians are all industry certified and safe to enter your home. We ensure all of our technicians pass background checks and are bonded and insured. We understand that we are entering your home and want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

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