About Us

Nextday Techs provides residential and commercial technical services nationwide through 14,000 experienced technicians. From TV installations to Network and A/V wiring to computer or POS setup to wireless network installations, we offer a broad range of solutions.

Unique Service as a Product offering
We offer clearly defined services so you know what you get. See our list of services available as products below.

TV Mounting, and Television Installation
We help mount any type of Flat screen TV in your home or office whether on your wall or on TV stands and cabinets. What’s more we also help you conceal wires and cables for that neat and perfect look.

Home Network Installation
A good home network is the backbone of all digital info. Computers, printers, TV’s, smart phones, game consoles etc, need a strong wired or wireless network to distribute content in all your devices. Nextdaytechs has the expertise to make sure you are connected.

Home Theater installation
Nextday Techs will setup your Home Theater in a comprehensive manner that includes Flat screen TV installation and speaker installation. Recreate the magic of theater in the comforts of your home.

Onsite Computer and POS setup
For any computer issue from PC installation, troubleshooting, modem and router setup to installing software, updating the system and installing new hardware like printers we have you covered on all counts.

We also carry high quality accessories for your TV installation requirement including wall mounts, shelves, extra cables and other hardware ensuring you get everything at one place. Select one of our installation packages and we will take care of the rest.

So next time you have a project please give us a call at 1-877-221-7051. We will help you navigate thought your techno jungle.