Dali TV Mounting Service
Our Price: $ 275

TV Wall Mount Installation Service with a wall mounted shelf (2) for the components
Price includes 2 shelf wall mounted System and TV Bracket

Electrical and Cable outlets should be at the base of the wall under the TV.

TV Installation and Wall TV Mounting for Plasma, LCD, LED and 3D TV's. Above Price is for one technician add $75 for two Technicians.

  • Install & Secure your TV mounting bracket on wall Stud, Concrete or Brick wall
  • Conceal wires in the spine of the Shelf wall hanging System
  • Connect and Setup your new and existing Audio and Video devices to the TV EXCEPT speakers or home theater receivers
  • For mounting a SoundBar, See our Speaker Installation and/or Home Theater Installation offers.
  • Place packaging material to trash and clean up.
  • 2-year Flat Screen Wall Mounted TV installation warranty.

This installation is for Wall mounting your TV on plaster or drywall. You will need  HDMI cables to connect your TV with devices like Cable box, Blu-Ray players and others. Also the Electrical Outlet should be located right below where the TV will be mounted and Cable outlet should be at the base of the wall. Your cable box, Blu-Ray and other devices should be placed on the shelf right under the TV.

We will:
  • Send 1 or 2 certified Techs depending on the size of your HD TV. (For 2nd Tech Add $50 for large heavy TV's)
  • Be there within a 2-hour window you specify.
 Here are some items you might need before the tech(s) arrive.
  • HDMI Cables. One for each device
  • Power Outlet, Cable or Network nearby connections
  • Surge Protectors

All our Techs:

  • Are Industry certified.
  • Have passed  background check.
  • Are bonded and insured.
Product Code  :  fptvm101