Stem TV Mounting with Wire Cover
Our Price: $ 175

TV Wall Mount Installation with wires hidden in a decorative wire track molding.

This TV installation is for Wall mounting your TV on any type of wall, Sheet Rock, Dry Wall, Brick Wall, Concrete Wall and smooth Stone Wall.

The Cables between the TV and your components(cable box, DVD etc) will be concealed in 3/4in wide wire cover, that will be attached on the surface of the wall. This Wire cover molding can then be painted over to mach the color of your wall. (A 5ft wire cover is included)

An Electrical and cable outlet should be at the bottom of the wall. The componets like cable box, blu-Ray etc should be placed on a stand right below the TV or on a wall mounted shelf.

You will need a TV Mounting Bracket, HDMI and/or RCA cables  to connect your TV with devices like Cable box, Blu-Ray players and others. Also you might need a power extension cable in case the TV power cable is not long enough to reach the power outlet.

We will:
  • Send 1 or 2 certified Techs depending on the size of your HD TV. (For 2nd Tech Add $75 for large heavy TV's)
  • Be there within a 2-hour window you specify.
 Here are some items you might need before the tech(s) arrive.
  •  HDMI cables. One for each device.
  • TV Wall Mount Bracket that fits your TV.
  • Power Outlet, Cable or Network nearby connections
  • Surge Protectors
  • TV/Media Stand

All our Techs:

  • Are Industry certified.
  • Have passed  background check.
  • Are bonded and insured.


Product Code  :  special101